Who We Are

Recreational Aviation Australia is the country’s largest administrator of pilots, maintainers and aircraft.

Formerly the Australian Ultralight Federation (AUF), RAAus was established in 1983 and since that time we have consistently seen growth, diversification and improvements in our performance.

We changed our name from the AUF to Recreational Aviation Australia Inc. in 2004 and in 2016 we changed our governance structure from an Incorporated Association to a Company Limited by Guarantee. We are now Recreational Aviation Australia Limited (RAAus).

As a Civil Aviation Safety Regulation (CASR) Part 149 Certificate holder, we have regulatory legitimacy as an Approved Self-administering Aviation Organisation (ASAO).

With over 9,000 financial members and more than 1,000 temporary and affiliate members at any one time, we enable more than 10,000 Australians to actively participate in accessible, simple, and fun recreational aviation.

We train people through 160+ RAAus approved flight training schools and 29 affiliated clubs around the country and actively promote the advancement of aviation for all Australians.

Our Vision

We Inspire and Connect People Through Aviation.

What We Do

The core business of RAAus is to:

  • Provide Australians with a safe, accessible and cost effective form of aviation.
  • Inspire Australians to participate in all forms of aviation, and connect these people to a like-minded community.
  • Register aircraft including three-axis aircraft, weight-shift microlights, and powered parachutes.
  • Allow aircraft owners and maintainers to maintain, repair and modify aircraft registered by RAAus.
  • Support members that design and build their own aircraft.
  • Certify pilots to operate aircraft registered with RAAus.
  • Authorise instructors to train pilots.
  • Develop training material for instructors to deliver.
  • Educate members and actively promote safety.

Our Mission

A respected organisation that continues to advance safe aviation and encourage training across our industry. We do this by creating opportunities for a wide range of aviation activities, through industry leadership, fostering a diverse community, and innovating across light aviation.