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Learning to fly is an exciting journey, and Recreational Aviation Australia is the perfect place to start.

RAAus is Australia’s largest sport aviation organisation, with 160+ approved Flight Training Schools across the country. RAAus offers training in 3-Axis, Weightshift Microlights, and Powered Parachutes with a modern fleet of over 3200 aircraft of varying designs and capabilities.

With over 9,100 financial members and more than 1,000 temporary and affiliate members at any one time, we enable more than 10,000 Australians to actively participate in accessible, simple and fun, recreational aviation.

Whether your flying journey is for fun or as a stepping stone to a career in aviation, RAAus can take your from your Trial Introductory Flight to flying solo, delivering first-class training along the way.

Celebrating Diversity & Fostering Inclusion in Aviation

Recreational Aviation Australia exists to advance aviation in Australia and to encourage training across a range of aviation activities. We believe that encouraging diversity and fostering inclusion in recreational aviation can broaden the appeal of flying and make it more accessible to a wider range of people.

Aviation may be seen as exclusive and out of reach, when in fact it is attainable for people from all walks of life and abilities, in a cost-effective environment supported by a strong safety culture.

A welcoming community and a sense of belonging can inspire more people to take to the skies and experience the freedom and joy of flying.


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Recreational Aviation Australia Offers:

  • The most simple and affordable pathway to achieving your pilot certificate in Australia
  • Access to a modern fleet of safe aircraft with over 3200 aircraft registered with RAAus
  • Almost 160 approved Flight Training Schools across Australia
  • Access to flight training for anyone interested in flying, whether you’re 14 or 80!
  • Scholarships for pilots learning to fly

The Recreational Pilot Certificate Syllabus

Training under the RAAus Syllabus of Flight Training, you will learn how an aircraft flies, how to plan and prepare for flights, as well as master all the flight skills you will need to fly a recreational aircraft, including emergency training, reading the weather, and making the right decisions as a pilot. Qualified instructors will help you along the way with the knowledge, skills, and behaviors that will make you a competent and safe pilot.


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Converting Pilots

Do you already hold a pilot licence, certificate, or have other flight experience?

Recreational Aviation Australia accepts previous flight experience towards the issue of a Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) so you can fly RAAus aircraft within Australia.

Did You Know?

  • You can fly solo from the age of 15 and start flight training even earlier.
  • You can achieve your Recreational Pilot Certificate in as little as 20 hours flight time.
  • Flying may not be as expensive as you think – contact your nearest flight training school for more information.
  • Flying requires pilots to maintain a medical standard. Recreational Aviation Australia requires a self-declared drivers licence medical saving you time and money.
  • Competent pilots may own and maintain their own aircraft, significantly lowering ongoing costs.
  • Hours flown with Recreational Aviation Australia count towards achieving your recreational or professional goals. Whether you want to fly for fun or as a career, the sky really is the limit.


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