Additional forms, documents and resources including Recreational Aviation Advisory Publications (RAAPs) for Members, Instructors and Flight Training Schools can be found on the Member Portal and Instructor Portal.

Schedule of Fees

Schedule of Fees and Charges – Effective 1 July 2024

Technical and Airworthiness

Aircraft Registration and Transfer

Tech Form 004 Aircraft registration application (non LSA)

Tech Form 010 Aircraft registration application (LSA)

Tech Form 025 Application for transfer from other register (amateur built aircraft) or registration (95.10 aircraft)

Tech Form 084 Aircraft Data Sheet

Tech Form 085 CAO 95.10 aircraft data sheet

Change of Ownership

Tech Form 013 Recreational aircraft condition report (All aircraft)

Tech Form 026 Transfer of registration

Modification and Repair Approval

Tech Form 014 Application for modification or repair

Tech Form 019 Owner generated modification to amateur built aircraft

Tech Form 026 Transfer of registration

Registration Number Allocation

Tech Form 011 Registration number allocation (All aircraft)

Maintenance Authority Application and Renewal

Tech Form 012 Level two maintenance authority reappointment application

Tech Form 015 Level two maintenance authority application

Tech Form 016 Level four maintenance authority application

Initial Amateur-Built Aircraft Registration