Trial Instructional Flight

What if you could finally scratch that itch you’ve always had to fly an aircraft, to overcome your fears or uncertainty; to finally rise above your everyday world and realise how easy it is start your flying dream. Guess what? You can! It’s not a scenic flight – you will get to fly the aircraft, practice the basic manoeuvres, and begin to understand why people just like you are turning to flight, and we won’t turn the scenery off; we promise!

An RAAus Trial Instructional Flight (TIF) is just that, an instructional experience. A chance to dip your wingtips into the air, without any financial commitment other than the flight cost which can be less than an average night out, no study, or hard work required. Just you, a qualified Flight Instructor and modern two seat training aircraft that’s as easy to manage as a compact car. But in case driving is still a few years off, no worries you can fly from any age you can reach the controls, many of our young pilots get to take mum or dad flying before their first driving lesson! How cool is that?

A simple online registration for a free temporary membership is all that’s required with Australia’s largest light sport flight training network and then a phone call to any one of our 160+ RAAus approved flight training schools throughout Australia who are waiting to share the joy of flight with you.

Come fly with us – The best seat in the plane is waiting for you!


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