RAAus Aircraft Registration Card


Introducing our Aircraft Registration Card and Plastic Card Holder package – the perfect solution for keeping your aircraft registration card safe, secure, and easily visible on your aircraft windscreen. Our package includes a durable plastic card holder and a high-quality registration card, making it the ultimate accessory for any aircraft owner or pilot.

Our Aircraft Registration Card is printed on premium quality, weather-resistant material, ensuring that it can withstand the elements and remain legible over time. The card features all the essential information, including the aircraft’s registration number, make and model, and other important details.

Our Plastic Card Holder is designed to provide maximum protection for your registration card, keeping it safe from damage, wear and tear. The holder comes with an adhesive back that sticks firmly to your aircraft windscreen, ensuring that your card is easily visible and accessible at all times.

Our package is perfect for anyone who needs to keep their aircraft registration card easily visible and accessible on their aircraft windscreen.